Bo Kim Speaks


Bo’s lifelong mission has been to give hope and encouragement to all those around her, sharing her own experience of the transformative nature of our Creators love to turn sorrow and pain into joy and blessing. 

Her heart’s desire is to see people restored to their true identity, fully living out their destiny with freedom and passion.  She sees beauty in healing brokenness and hope in restoring and strengthening relationships, and instills a desire to leave an inspiring legacy for the next generation.

As a speaker, coach and mentor, Bo’s delightful style and inspiring message transforms lives across the United States and other countries.  Her story of overcoming cultural adversities ignites hope and determination to live victoriously through the Father's unending grace and love.


“My dream is to see people rise out of the ashes of their past into the beautiful masterpiece of their true identity.”
~ Bo Kim


How I Can Help You

There are many ways we can be unwittingly programmed…

…with mindsets, belief systems,
and behavior patterns that keep us from fully living out our destiny and thriving in every area of life.  Often, childhood trauma or having role models who also had limiting beliefs is the cause of the negative conditioning.


Unhealthy patterns may look like:

  • Problems with deep connections in relationships

  • Always wondering what people think, and feeling “less than”

  • Feeling like there’s supposed to be “more” in life, but not sure what that is

It’s not your fault. No one “has it all together”,
and we all need help from someone outside the frame of our lives who can objectively look at what’s going on, and help us change our negative programming in a safe, healthy way.



Bo offers coaching for individuals who need breakthrough.
Transformation takes time and commitment to making incremental changes.  She is totally committed to your success,
but YOU have to do the work.
Bo will be there every step of the way.